Water Innovation and Technology

RACE Impact: Digital Water Management at Fording River

April 28, 2022

RACE is driving positive change in the way we use data to improve decision-making across Teck including in the area of sustainability. 

In 2021 at our Fording River Operations, the team recognized an opportunity to improve the management of water movement and discharge. Factors including the large area of the mine site, varying topographies, and seasonal precipitation amounts make having an accurate view of water quality and flows important. 

The Advanced Water Dispatch System being implemented combines water flow and water quality data to provide recommendations for water management across the mine site. These advancements will enable enhanced short and long-range planning of water management. In the same way that we think about dispatching our mining fleet to improve productivity, we also plan to move equipment and teams to improve water quality.

A successful launch of the Advanced Water Dispatch System will set the groundwork for similar programs at other sites in the Elk Valley, with the vision of an integrated, valley-wide system moving forward.


The Advanced Water Dispatch System will support regional water quality and quantity objectives along with Teck’s sustainability strategy goals.


First Published on April 28, 2022