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Métis Nation of Alberta, Region One, Five Métis Locals and Teck  Sign Frontier Project Agreements

Métis Nation of Alberta, Region One, Five Métis Locals and Teck Sign Frontier Project Agreements

Métis Nation of Alberta, Region 1, five Métis locals and Teck Resources Limited (“Teck”) today announced the signing of participation agreements for Teck’s proposed Frontier oil sands project.

The agreements include the following Métis Nation of Alberta, Region 1 locals located in the area of the proposed Frontier Project:

  • Métis Local#1949 Owl River
  • Métis Local # 780 Willow Lake (Anzac)
  • Métis Local #2002 Buffalo Lake
  • Métis Local#2010 Athabasca Landing
  • Métis Local #193 Conklin

The agreements create opportunities for ongoing, meaningful engagement, timely communication and identify a number of economic benefits for the five Métis Locals as well as enhancing resources for Region 1 to support programming and administrative capacity. It also sets out a framework for items such as traditional land use and environmental stewardship related to the project. The agreements also provide funding to support training and education for participating Métis Local members.  

“Through these agreements our members’ rights and interests are protected and recognized, and they will have an active role on environmental oversight in relation to the Frontier Project,” said Diane Scoville, President, Métis Nation of Alberta, Region 1. ”Teck has stepped forward with the most comprehensive engagement with Métis Nation of Alberta, Region 1 to date by a resource company with agreements now in place with all nine Métis Locals in our region. We look forward to working cooperatively together to further strengthen our communities.”

“These agreements will help to advance the Frontier Project in a responsible, sustainable manner while creating important benefits for Métis Locals in the project area,” said Kieron McFadyen, Senior Vice President, Energy, Teck. “Teck’s commitment to meaningful engagement is based on a fundamental respect for the Métis whose heritage, culture, and traditions are deeply connected to this region.”

The agreements will be implemented through a joint Cooperative Implementation Committee, which will work collaboratively to support and implement:

  • Economic benefits to support the community’s Métis interests and rights
  • Contracting opportunities for Métis Local businesses
  • Education, training and employment opportunities, including scholarship opportunities
  • Consideration of traditional knowledge and traditional land use
  • Environmental stewardship planning and implementation

Teck has now signed agreements with 10 Indigenous groups within the Frontier Project area.

The Frontier Project is a proposed oil sands mine located about 110 kilometres north of Fort McMurray in northeastern Alberta. Frontier is currently moving through the joint provincial-federal regulatory review process. For more information, go to www.frontieroilsands.com.


First Published on June 06, 2018

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