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Fort Chipewyan Métis & Teck Sign Frontier Project Participation Agreement

Fort Chipewyan Métis & Teck Sign Frontier Project Participation Agreement

From exploration through to mine closure, Teck works to ensure we are a welcome neighbour in the areas where we operate. On December 7, 2016, Fort Chipewyan Métis Local 125 (“Fort Chipewyan Métis”) and Teck signed a participation agreement for Teck’s proposed Frontier oil sands project, located in the traditional territory of the Fort Chipewyan Métis.
The agreement identifies a number of economic benefits for the Fort Chipewyan Métis connected with the Frontier Project, as well as creating opportunities for meaningful engagement and communication. A framework for items such as traditional land use and environmental stewardship related to the project is also included in the agreement.

About The Fort Chipewyan Métis Local 125 

The Métis have been in Fort Chipewyan since 1788, long before Canada and Alberta were legally established jurisdictions. Importantly, Fort Chipewyan Métis continue to advocate, protect and provide opportunities for Métis to practice their traditional Indigenous lifeways.

“Teck has a real relationship with us. The relationship started before they filed their Frontier Application. Unlike some other oil sands developers, Teck has worked hard to develop the integrity and consistency of the relationship. Teck has been listening to our concerns and has committed to continue to work with us as they progress through all stages of their development. Other companies could learn from Teck and how they have treated the section 35 rights-bearing Fort Chipewyan Métis” said President Fred (Jumbo) Fraser.
“We recognize the unique heritage and culture of the Fort Chipewyan Métis, their connection to this region, and our responsibility to work to build a mutually-beneficial relationship,” said Marcia Smith, Senior Vice President, Sustainability and External Affairs, Teck. “This agreement reflects our commitment to developing the Frontier Project in a manner that is environmentally responsible, is respectful of Indigenous communities, and creates real benefits for local communities.” 
A Commitment to Responsible Resource Development

The agreement will be implemented through a joint Cooperative Implementation Committee, which will work collaboratively to support and implement:

  • Economic benefits to support the community’s Métis interests and rights
  • Contracting opportunities for Fort Chipewyan Métis businesses
  • Education, training and employment opportunities for Fort Chipewyan Métis  members
  • Consideration of traditional knowledge and traditional land use
  • Environmental stewardship planning and implementation

The Frontier Project is a proposed oil sands mine located about 110 kilometres south of Fort Chipewyan in northeastern Alberta. Frontier is currently moving through the joint provincial-federal regulatory review process. 


First Published on December 07, 2016

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