Line Creek Operations Receives TSM Leadership Award

December 16, 2015

Line Creek Operations has received a Mining Association of Canada (MAC) TSM Leadership Award for its outstanding performance in the Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) initiative’s three focus areas—environmental stewardship, communities and people, and energy efficiency.

“Congratulations to all Line Creek employees for earning the TSM Leadership Award and for your continued dedication to responsible resource development,” said President and CEO Don Lindsay. “This award is a reflection of your commitment to ensuring the long-term success of Line Creek by focusing on safety, sustainability and productivity.”

The TSM Leadership Award is granted only when a facility meets or exceeds a Level “A” ranking in their results across all six performance areas of the TSM initiative (known as “protocols”): Aboriginal and community outreach, safety and health, crisis management, tailings management, biodiversity conservation management, and energy use and greenhouse gas emissions management. (As Line Creek does not have tailings facilities, they do not report on the tailings management protocol.) A facility’s TSM results must be externally verified to be eligible for this recognition.

“We are pleased to recognize Line Creek Operations with the TSM Leadership Award, which is an important distinction that celebrates a facility for its achievements in the TSM initiative,” said MAC President and CEO Pierre Gratton. “This is the fourth Teck operation to win this award, which is indicative of the company’s strong commitment to environmental and social best practices.”

While Line Creek’s scores reflect leadership across all TSM performance areas based on its 2014 results, the facility stands out for demonstrating best practices in Aboriginal and community outreach, biodiversity conservation management and energy use and greenhouse gas management. In these areas, Line Creek achieved the highest possible ranking—level “AAA”—across all of the indicators that make up these protocols. 

Trail Operations and Cardinal River Operations earned the TSM Leadership Award in 2014. Elkview Operations earned the award in 2013.


First Published on December 16, 2015