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Progress on the Groundwater Remediation Plan at Trail Operations

Progress on the Groundwater Remediation Plan at Trail Operations

Studies undertaken by Teck have identified groundwater that contains materials associated with Trail Operations’ historical activities, primarily ammonia. Studies conducted to date have found that the fish populations in the Columbia River have not been affected by the groundwater and that the water quality of the river meets drinking water standards. We are working with Environment Canada on addressing this legacy from historical activities.

We created a comprehensive groundwater remediation plan that was submitted to Environment Canada in 2012. The plan describes how impacted groundwater will be intercepted and treated. The plan was accepted by Environment Canada and design of a remediation system is now underway, with the construction of a water treatment plant expected to begin in 2015.

A small portion of the impacted groundwater exits into a bay on the Columbia River near Trail, British Columbia. As an interim measure and prior to the completion of the groundwater remediation plan, we installed a submersible pump into this bay in 2013. The pump prevents the accumulation of impacted groundwater within the bay during low flow periods. It does not affect recreational access to the river and it will be removed once the groundwater remediation plan takes effect and testing affirms that the pump is no longer necessary.


First Published on August 05, 2014

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