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Our People

Expanding Opportunities for Women at Carmen de Andacollo

Expanding Opportunities for Women at Carmen de Andacollo

A diverse workforce is a strong workforce, and one of the ways that we are building strength through diversity is by increasing the number of women — a traditionally under-represented demographic in mining — in our workforce.

In 2008, our Carmen de Andacollo (CdA) operations in Chile began retraining a group of cleaning staff, mostly women, to increase their knowledge of the mining industry, particularly with regards to concentrator and leaching processes. The goal of the program was to expand the capacity of these employees to move into operational roles at CdA.

Twelve of the women working in operational roles at CdA today began their careers at Teck as members of the cleaning staff. Building gender diversity at CdA will continue to be a priority in 2014 and beyond.


First Published on June 25, 2014

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