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Using the Sun to Strengthen Communities in Chile

Using the Sun to Strengthen Communities in Chile

Residents in the community of Andacollo in central Chile near our Carmen de Andacollo Operations are harnessing the power of the sun to do everything from cook food to heat water, thanks to a partnership between Teck, the local municipality and community organizations.

A variety of projects are being promoted to support locally identified priorities using a renewable energy supply that is abundant: solar power. One example is a solar oven, which is made from sustainable materials such as wood, fibreglass and thin reconstructed wood, plus glass and a mirror. The oven concentrates sunlight onto a cooking pot, reaching temperatures of up to 150° Celsius. In addition to the environmental benefits, a solar oven also provides economic benefits, as it can reduce the average family gas bill by 60%. Teck has also supported workshops to teach local families how to assemble and use the ovens. Since the project was launched in 2011, the use of the solar ovens has grown and they are now commonplace in Andacollo. Channeling the power of the sun for everyday use is one way we can create sustainable benefits in communities near our operations.

This case study was originally published in our 2012 Sustainability Report.


First Published on June 30, 2013

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