Innovation and Technology

Ideas at Work

Ideas at Work

Ideas work best when they’re shared, so we’ve created a media series that demonstrates the innovations and technologies Teck teams have been implementing recently.

Here’s an initial snapshot of how we’re proudly sharing our ideas—with each other, industry peers and our communities:

Our Ideas at Work web page——serves as a hub for all the information we’ve put together about Teck innovations and technologies. 

Digital & Social Ads

People all over the world are interested in the advances we’re making. We’re taking advantage of the digital world we live in to reach them through a series of targeted digital and social ads.

Ideas at Work Publication

For those who want it all, our Innovation & Technology Approach document details how we go about creating a future through innovation and technology. We discuss how we use our four key strategic pillars, and provide insight, and fascinating case studies, into Teck’s approach to innovation and technology.


This is Just the Beginning

Visit and follow us on social media as we share more of Teck’s Ideas at Work.