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What’s Next?: An Update on RACE21™

What’s Next?: An Update on RACE21™

Across Teck, multidisciplinary teams are working to implement initiatives that are helping transform the way we operate and creating positive impact on our business.

RACE21™ is Teck’s business transformation program that will deliver significant value by renewing our technology infrastructure, looking at opportunities for automation and robotics, connecting our data systems to enable broad application of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, and empowering our employees, with a focus on making real progress between now and 2021.

To do this, the RACE21™ team is working with senior leadership and subject matter experts from across Teck to explore opportunities across a range of areas, including:

  • Orebody Knowledge: How we collect and use geoscience information on the material we mine to make better decisions

  • Mining Automation: Partially or fully automating our mining equipment to ensure operator safety and improve productivity

  • Predictive Maintenance: Monitoring the performance and condition of equipment during normal operation to reduce the likelihood of failures

  • Processing Automation: Applying analytics and automation technologies to our processing facilities to improve throughput and yield

  • Water: Positioning Teck as a leader in water stewardship by using digital technologies to effectively manage water in, on and out of our operations in real time

  • Tailings: Using digital technologies to achieve Teck’s sustainability vision of monitoring and managing tailings facilities (existing and legacy) across their life cycle in a safe and environmentally responsible way

  • Integrated Operations: A new way of working that looks at Teck’s whole operations, rather than focusing on separate (sometimes siloed) functional areas

Initiatives within these focus areas have the potential to generate significant value for Teck while also helping to achieve the goals set out under Water and Tailings Management in our Sustainability Strategy.

“We’ve been able to engage broadly with people throughout Teck, and it’s been really rewarding to see growing interest in RACE21™ and the possibilities for value delivery.”

– Matt Parrilla, Director, Strategy, RACE21™  

Engagement is key to RACE21™ value delivery planning and, to date, the team has engaged with nearly 150 subject matter experts from across Teck to identify, explore and prioritize opportunities. Input from the experts is critical and creates a strong foundation upon which to deliver new initiatives and products that will help achieve our target.

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