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SunMine: Seven Things to Know

SunMine: Seven Things to Know

To further our commitment to advancing renewable energy development, Teck announced the purchase of the SunMine solar energy facility from the City of Kimberley in 2020.

Here are seven things to know:

  1. SunMine’s 4,032 solar-cell modules are mounted on 96 solar trackers that track the sun’s movement, maximizing solar exposure.

  2. In addition to being British Columbia’s largest solar project and Canada’s largest solar tracking facility, it is the first solar project in British Columbia to sell power to the BC Hydro grid.

  3. Solar trackers like those used at SunMine provide 38% more energy than a fixed system. These are German engineered to follow the sun’s movement.

  4. With over 300 days of sunshine, Kimberley is an ideal location for solar power facility. Today, the facility generates 1.05 MW of energy and has the potential for future expansion.

  5. SunMine was jointly developed by the City of Kimberley, EcoSmart (a non-profit organization based in Vancouver) and Teck. It began commercial operation in June 2015.

  6. Teck provided the land and site infrastructure for the development of SunMine, formerly our Sullivan mine.

  7. Sullivan Mine was a major producer of zinc, lead and silver, operating for nearly 100 years before closing in 2001. Since then, close to 1,100 hectares of former mining area have been reclaimed.

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