Inclusion and Diversity

Pride 2020 Campaign Shines a Light on Pride at Teck

Pride 2020 Campaign Shines a Light on Pride at Teck

To further Teck’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, Teck celebrated Pride 2020 through the 'Our Pride. Our Teck.' campaign.

We asked LGBTQ2+ employees and allies at Teck to share their perspectives and to help encourage awareness and understanding of diversity and inclusion issues around gender identity, expression and sexual orientation in the workplace.

The campaign provided an opportunity to hear from LGBTQ2+ employees and allies and learn about the importance of individual differences that bring us together.

This was Teck’s first Pride campaign. It marked an important milestone for our company and provides strong foundation for our ongoing efforts to strengthen diversity and inclusion at Teck.

“I'm new to Teck, and one of the big reasons I joined is our focus on building an inclusive culture. It's exciting to work in an environment where we can be our whole selves at work. We can accomplish so much more as a team by bringing together diverse perspectives. Our Pride. Our Teck."

– Melissa Douglas, Manager of Software Development, RACE21™

“For me, inclusion is when everyone can just be as they are and feel like they belong, without having to hide important aspects of their lives. I believe that inclusion is when everyone feels like they are heard, respected, valued and eligible for equal opportunities, and when we get curious instead of judging. I celebrate and embrace our individuality because that's what makes life interesting, and it's much better when we lift each other up.

As a leader in Talent Management, I believe that it is important to embed inclusive leadership throughout all steps of the employee life cycle to ensure that we are providing fair and equal opportunities in recruitment, performance and development, succession planning and promoting."

– Tanya McCarthy, Manager, Performance and Succession, Vancouver office, LGBTQ2+ Ally

"I believe that no one should ever have to choose between a career that they love and living their lives with authenticity and integrity. I joined Teck a year and a half ago as an openly gay woman, which speaks to the accepting and positive culture that we have. Pride for my wife and our three children is an opportunity to celebrate our family and our community. It is about pride in who I am, in my family and in all of the courageous people who live their lives openly and authentically. Our Pride. Our Teck."

– Jackie Scales, Director, Inclusion & Diversity, Vancouver office

"I celebrate and embrace our individuality because, just as the best mosaics are made up of different colours, sizes and varieties of material, the best teams come from a variety of individuals with a variety of skills and backgrounds. Inclusion to me means making everyone feel like part of the same team, working together as equals towards shared goals.”

– Myles Savoie, Engineer, Highland Valley Copper, LGBTQ2+ Ally

"Inclusion means being able to be myself and being appreciated for who I am and how I contribute to my team. I celebrate and embrace our individuality because, like me, so many in the community add so much to make it better for everyone to feel included."

– Cody Lucas-Shirley, Haulage Driver, Fording River Operations

"We are going through a transformational period as a company, which coincides with profound changes at a social level. At Teck Quebrada Blanca, we believe that everyone is unique. As we work towards becoming a world-class, modern and diverse operation, we want to recognize those who are part of our team and part of the LGBTQ2+ community. Today, more than ever, we need multiple views, perceptions and opinions that contribute to our transformation into the operation of the future."

– Enrique Castro, General Manager, Quebrada Blanca Operations and LGBTQ2+ Ally