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Galileo: Five Things to Know

Galileo: Five Things to Know

Galileo is the platform that will connect and unify systems and data from across Teck and exemplifies the “C” – Connect – in RACE21™.

Dubbed the father of the scientific method, Galileo Galilei redefined the limits of scientific inquiry through the study of gravity, speed, inertia and projectile motion. At Teck, it’s our hope that Galileo will be just as ground-breaking for us, propelling our organization to new heights in automation, efficiency and value creation.

What is Galileo?

Galileo is the digital brain of our business transformation – it senses the world around it, thinks about the information it receives, and turns it into real-time opportunities for optimization across our operations. Like a real brain, Galileo will continually learn as it gains more experience, knowledge and data – evolving with our transformation and guiding us into our future.

Here are five things to know about Galileo.

1. Galileo will collect data and information from across our operations.

Data coming from our equipment, operators, business systems, employees, customers and partners will be brought together and housed in Galileo.

2. Galileo will sort, organize and validate that data so we can rely on it and use it extensively across our business for reporting, analytics and visualizations.

While it’s important to capture and centralize our data, it’s no good to us if it isn’t organized in a way that we can make sense of it. Galileo will identify trends and insights from the data that can be turned into actionable solutions.

3. Galileo will be the central platform where our path-to-value solutions are built and housed.

Galileo will help to streamline and standardize the complete process needed to create and deploy path-to value-solutions. From ingesting data to analyzing and implementing it, Galileo will decrease the time it takes to realize and scale new value opportunities. 

4. Galileo will interpret data and information to provide optimal responses from pit to port and everything in between.

We’re moving from an approach that is, at times, siloed to one that looks at our full value chain. By bringing together this information and these solutions, we’re able to gain a global view of our operations and continually identify areas where we can further optimize, from the mine site right to when our products are loaded onto vessels.

5. Galileo will bring significant advancement in mining profitability, sustainability and safety.

Galileo will help us reimagine how we mine. As Galileo connects our systems, it will bring us deeper understanding of the relationships and interdependencies across our operations. That knowledge, combined with the latest advanced analytics and machine learning to help us automate and optimize, will contribute to a change in how we operate. It’s something we’ve never done before.

Why is Galileo important?
Galileo is important for our company because it provides an enterprise solution that brings together information and data from across our operations, allowing us to coordinate health and safety, sustainability performance and operational improvements from pit to port.

Galileo is important for our sites because it improves our speed and our ability to develop, deploy and scale applications and apply insights, which shortens the time to realizing value.

Galileo is important for our people because it empowers us with the tools we need to make better decisions. Galileo is breaking down silos and providing our entire team with access to real-time data. It will help us move towards being a more data-driven organization.