Quan Chong

Corporate Director

Quan Chong was elected to the Board of Teck in April 2016. He received a B.A. in English from the Beijing Institute of Foreign Trade in 1978 and is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s executive management program (1998). Among other positions he has held during his career, Mr. Chong has worked extensively for the Ministry of Foreign Trade, the United Nations Office in Geneva, the Commercial section of the Chinese Embassy in the U.K., the Department of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Commerce. He was previously Deputy China International Trade Representative (Vice-Ministerial level) and also served as a deputy of the National People’s Congress of China. He has extensive experience in bilateral negotiations with numerous countries and oversaw WTO dispute settlements and Antitrust reviews while at the Ministry. Most recently, he was appointed as Chairman of the China Society for World Trade Organization Studies in February 2019.