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Energy and Climate Change

Energy is essential to our daily lives. Around the world, energy provides light and heat, powers our technology and fuels our transportation. We are working to improve energy efficiency and reduce GHG emissions.

Energy and Climate Change and our Sustainability Strategy

Energy and Climate Change is a key focus for our comprehensive sustainability strategy, which sets out short-term goals to 2020 and long-term goals to 2030 in six sustainability areas: Community, Our People, Water, Biodiversity, Energy and Climate Change and Air.

Our Vision for Energy and Climate Change

We take action to reduce GHG emissions by improving our energy efficiency and implementing low carbon technologies.

Our Vision in Action

  • Fort McKay Métis & Teck Sign Frontier Project Participation Agreement
  • Fort Chipewyan Métis & Teck Sign Frontier Project Participation Agreement
  • Behind the Pilot: LNG Truck Conversion at Fording River Operations
  • Revving Up Engine Life
  • Improving Haul Truck Efficiency at Elkview Operations
  • Participating in Global Action on Climate Change
  • Reducing Energy Consumption with Bright Ideas
  • Cutting costs and emissions with LNG truck pilot
  • SunMine Begins Operation in Kimberley, B.C.
  • SunMine Solar Farm Project at the Sullivan Site
  • ZincNyx Renewable Battery Development
  • Investing in Wind Energy
  • Cardinal River Operations Receives TSM Leadership Award
  • Supporting Alternative Energy Education near Quebrada Blanca Operations
  • Construction starts on SunMine, Western Canada’s largest solar development
  • Partnering with Thompson Rivers University to Improve Data Collection on Energy Use
  • Building Our Energy Business Unit through the Responsible Development of Canada’s Oil Sands
  • Improving Haul Truck Productivity
  • Community Celebrates Grand Opening of Wind Power Project
  • Energy and Mining: An Uphill Battle
  • Energy Management – Improving Dryer Fan Efficiency at Coal Mountain Operations
  • Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions at Our Steelmaking Coal Operations
  • Improving Energy Efficiency at Highland Valley Copper
  • Our Goals for Energy and Climate Change

    For each of our sustainability focus areas, we established short and long-term goals out to 2030. We are currently working to achieve our 2020 short-term goals, and recently completed our 2015 goals.

    2020 Goals

    1. Implement projects that reduce energy consumption by 2,500 TJ.
    2. Implement projects that reduce GHG emissions by 275 kilotonnes (kt) of CO2-equivalent.
    3. Assess opportunities and identify potential project partners toward achieving our 2030 alternative energy goal.
    4. Engage with governments to advocate for effective and efficient carbon pricing.

    2030 Goals

    1. Implement projects that reduce energy consumption by 6,000 TJ.
    2. Implement projects that reduce GHG emissions by 450 kilotonnes (kt) of CO2-equivalent.
    3. Commit to 100 megawatts (MW) of alternative energy generation.

    Taking Action on Climate Change

    We recognize that human activities are contributing to climate change and are taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by improving energy efficiency, implementing low carbon technologies and advocating for carbon pricing.
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    Progress Against Our 2015 Goals

    Reduce energy consumption at existing operations by 1,000 terajoules (TJ).    

    Performance Summary
    Implemented energy reduction projects resulting in 1,200 TJ of energy reductions.    

    2015 Highlight
    Projects ranged from optimizing blasting efficiency to increased grinding efficiency to using more energy-efficient lighting.

    Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at existing operations by 75 kilotonnes (kt) of carbon-dioxide-equivalent emissions.

    Performance Highlights
    Implemented projects that have reduced GHG emissions by approximately 200 kt to the end of 2015. We did not use offsets to meet this target.    

    2015 Highlights
    Projects in 2015 included the continued displacement of coal in our dryers by natural gas in our dryers and the piloting of LNG fuel in haul trucks.

    Commit to 30 megawatts (MW) of alternative (non-carbon-emitting) energy generation.

    Performance Summary
    As of the end of 2015, 30.7 MW of alternative energy generation is in operation.

    2015 Highlights
    Recent efforts included investing in solar power near our Quebrada Blanca Operations.

    Carry out the following for our new projects:

    • Conduct an analysis of currently available energy sources and evaluate opportunities to develop new energy sources
    • Based on best practices, establish energy design criteria
    • Complete comprehensive project energy maps to facilitate design options, identify opportunities, and determine incremental capital and operating costs for energy reduction projects

    Performance Summary
    Project evaluation process implemented.    

    2015 Highlights
    Completed energy maps for Quebrada Blanca Phase 2, Project Corridor and Frontier.

    Worked with external parties to establish energy design criteria.  

    The Paris Pledge for Action

    Teck has partnered with organizations worldwide to work together on the challenge of climate change. Teck is a signatory to the Paris Pledge for Action in support of reducing emissions and achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

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    Energy & Climate Change in 2015

    Our management and performance related to energy use – including fuel and electricity consumption and costs, energy intensity, and energy efficiency initiatives – climate action and greenhouse gas emissions.

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    Environmental Management

    Overall, day-to-day environmental management, including total environmental expenditure, compliance with environmental regulations, compliance with permits, supplier environmental assessments.

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