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From exploration through operation and closure, we seek to build strong relationships with communities and create lasting benefits.

Community and our Sustainability Strategy

Community is a key focus for our comprehensive sustainability strategy, which sets out short-term goals to 2020 and long-term goals to 2030 in six sustainability areas: Community, Our People, Water, Biodiversity, Energy and Climate Change and Air.


Our Vision for Community

We build strong relationships and create lasting mutual benefits based on respect for what communities value.

Our Vision in Action

  • Fort McKay Métis & Teck Sign Frontier Project Participation Agreement
  • Fort Chipewyan Métis & Teck Sign Frontier Project Participation Agreement
  • Reclamation Example: Rehabilitating Historic Sites
  • Reclamation Example: Making a Mine Pit into an Aquatic Habitat
  • The Road to Safer Highways
  • Closure Example: Preparing for Life After the Sullivan Mine
  • Closure Example: Collaborating with Indigenous Peoples at Sä Dena Hes
  • Closure Example: Planning for Closure at Duck Pond
  • Closure Example: Cooperative Planning for Land Uses After Mining
  • In Conversation – Ktunaxa Nation Council and Teck discuss Impact Management and Benefits Agreement
  • Reducing Healthcare Acquired Infection Rates at Hospitals with Antimicrobial Copper
  • Helping Chilean Communities Rebuild After Floods
  • Collaborative Land Use Planning at Highland Valley Copper
  • Collaborating on Closure Planning at Duck Pond Operations
  • Studying Traditional Plant use at Highland Valley Copper
  • Supporting Indigenous Students in Canada
  • Engaging with Communities in Turkey
  • Partnering to Create Value
  • Teck Partners with UN Women to Empower Indigenous Women in Chile
  • Crocodile Rock
  • Working Together to Help During a Crisis
  • Supporting Youth in Northwest Alaska
  • Bringing Unique Opportunities to Students in Alaska
  • Saving the Lives of Children in Senegal
  • Celebrating Sport and Community at Carmen de Andacollo
  • Our Goals

    For each of our sustainability focus areas, we established short and long-term goals out to 2030. We are currently working to achieve our 2020 short-term goals, and recently completed our 2015 goals.

    2020 Goals

    1. Refine our business policies and practices based on results of our social risk assessments, our work in human rights and developments in the rights of Indigenous Peoples.
    2. Engage with communities to identify social, economic, and environmental priorities and to mutually define outcomes and measures of success.
    3. Work with Indigenous Peoples to identify and participate in initiatives to support the self-defined goals of Indigenous communities.
    4. Develop metrics for monitoring Indigenous training, employment and procurement to establish baselines and drive progress.

    2030 Goals

    1. Fully integrate social risk and opportunity, human rights, and the rights of Indigenous Peoples into how we do business and our individual actions and behaviours.
    2. Create lasting mutual benefits through collaboration on social, economic, and environmental initiatives.
    3. Collaborate with Indigenous communities to consistently create lasting benefits that respect their unique interests and aspirations.

    Progress Against Our 2015 Goals

    Goal: Establish uniform measures to assess social risk and performance and manage activities.

    Performance Summary
    Completed of social baselines, assessments and risks including human rights risk assessments at 100% of operations, development projects and advanced exploration sites where determined to be needed to inform the development of community engagement plans.

    2015 Highlights
    Continued work towards implementation of community aspects of our HSEC Management Standards and expanded our use of Social Management and Responsibility at Teck (SMART) tools to 100% of operations, including integration of social considerations into closure planning.

    Goal: Implement policies and frameworks to guide interactions with Indigenous Peoples.

    Performance Summary
    Negotiated agreements with the majority of Indigenous Peoples near our operations. In 2015, there were 34 active agreements with Indigenous Peoples in place.

    2015 Highlights

    • Established an Indigenous Peoples Policy.
    • Completed Cultural Awareness Training at nine of 12 (75%) of operations.

    Goal: Put processes in place to maximize community benefits and collaboration.

    Performance Summary
    Developed and implemented a community investment strategy and feedback mechanisms which are in place at 100% of our operations.

    2015 Highlights

    • Provided enabling funds to Red Dog Operations Subsistence Committee to attend government engagement sessions on regulatory changes and co-funded dialogue training for NANA Regional Commission’s resource technicians and shareholder development specialists.
    • As part of our strategic community investment plan, we donated $16.7 million to organizations around the world in 2015, meeting our target of donating 1% of average annual earnings before taxes during the preceding five-year period.

    Community Investment

    Teck is committed to helping build healthy, vibrant communities in the areas where we operate. Through Teck’s community investment program, we contribute to charitable organizations, institutions and initiatives that strengthen communities. Teck targets strategic community investments in sustainable community development projects and initiatives with both local and global relevance. Our goal is to address community priorities that align with our business objectives to create shared benefit from our community investments. 

    Community Engagement in 2015

    Our management and performance in local community engagement, actual and potential impacts on local communities, development programs, and grievance mechanisms.

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    Zinc & Health

     Teck is supporting improved health and well-being at the global level through our Zinc & Health program. As one of the world’s largest producers of zinc, Teck is committed to helping solve the global health issue of zinc deficiency through therapeutic zinc, zinc supplementation, food fortification, crop nutrition and awareness and advocacy. To date, this program has reached more than 140 million people worldwide. As a founding member of the Zinc Alliance for Child Health (ZACH), Teck has partnered with UNICEF, the Micronutrient Initiative and the Government of Canada and has provided more than 44 million life-saving zinc and oral rehydration salts treatments to children in Sub-Saharan Africa and India.

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    Relationships with Indigenous Peoples

    We are committed to building strong relationships with Indigenous Peoples to help us understand our respective priorities and perspectives and ultimately create lasting, mutual benefits.

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    Human Rights in 2015

    Our management and performance related to anticipating and preventing impacts on the human rights of people foreseeably affected by our activities, particularly in our supply chain and near our operations.

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    Economic Performance and Contributions in 2015

    Our management and performance related to direct and indirect economic impacts, local hiring and procurement, and community investment.

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    Mine Closure in 2015

    Our management and performance related to planned or actual closure planning - and related effects on workers, local communities and the environment.

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    Emergency Preparedness in 2015

    Our management and performance in preventing and being prepared for emergencies, particularly in the context of tailings management.

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