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Air quality is critical to people, communities and the environment. Learn about our commitment to managing emissions at our operations and in transportation of our products to improve air quality.

Air and our Sustainability Strategy

Air is a key focus for our comprehensive sustainability strategy, which sets out short-term goals to 2020 and long-term goals to 2030 in six sustainability areas: Community, Our People, Water, Biodiversity, Energy and Climate Change and Air.

Our Vision for Air Quality

We continually improve air quality for the benefit of workers, communities and the environment in areas affected by our activities.

Our Goals

For each of our sustainability focus areas, we established short and long-term goals out to 2030. We are currently working to achieve our 2020 goals.

2020 Goals

  1. Improve monitoring and understanding of our releases to air and the potential impacts on people, communities and the environment.
  2. In consultation with communities, governments and other organizations set air quality goals and establish risk-based action plans to achieve goals.
  3. Strengthen the integration of air quality considerations into early stage project development.

2030 Goals

  1. Partner with communities, governments and other organizations to facilitate action and the sharing of knowledge to continuously improve air quality.
  2. Contribute to measurable and meaningful improvements in areas where our activities impact air quality.

Air Quality in 2015

Our management and performance related to emissions and air quality control at our operations and in the transportation of our products. 

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Environmental Management in 2015

Our performance in environmental management, including compliance with environmental regulations and permits, and environmental assessments of our suppliers.
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