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At Teck, water is our most material sustainability issue and an important area of focus for our work in sustainability.

Our Vision for Water

We contribute to the balance between social, economic, recreational and cultural benefits of water resources, within ecologically sustainable limits.

Our Goals

For each of our sustainability focus areas, we established short and long-term goals out to 2030. We are currently working to achieve our 2020 short-term goals, and recently completed our 2015 goals.

2020 Goals

  1. Contribute to watershed management in water stressed regions through water use efficiency projects, use of alternative water sources, water quality improvement measures, and capacity building.
  2. Increase our understanding of groundwater and proactively assess groundwater risks.
  3. Collaborate in developing innovative water technology and practice.

2030 Goals

Work within an informed understanding of ecological limits, regional issues, and demands on water resources to address:

Water Quality: Keep clean water clean, minimize water quality deterioration, and take care of affected water resources

Water Quantity: Minimize water use per unit of production and transition to alternative water sources

Water Stewardship: Contribute to water use planning in our areas of influence.

Progress Against Our 2015 Goals

Goal: Establish baseline for water use intensity and water quality at all current operations by 2013.

Performance Summary
Established water management teams, enhanced existing water flows monitoring systems, and established a water baseline to report on water quality and quantity. 

2015 Highlights
Building on the baseline completed in 2013, we updated our company-wide water balance, which provides a comprehensive account of the volumes of water that flow into and out of 100% of our operations.

Goal: Implement Teck's Water Management Standard by 2013.

Performance Summary
Established a consistent approach to water management through the implementation of the Teck Water Management Standard.    

2015 Highlight
Integrated water management plans at 100% of our operations.

Goal: Implement measures to achieve operation-specific targets for improvements in water use intensity and water quality.

Performance Summary
100% of operations have site-specific water targets and are working towards implementing projects and/or initiatives to meet these targets.   

2015 Highlight
We have set water use intensity goals at our two operations located in water-stressed regions. 

Water Management

Water use, selection of water sources, and protecting against water contamination, in the context of balancing the needs of multiple local water users and global water concerns.
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Tailings and Mine Waste Management

Tailings management, including construction, operation, and ongoing monitoring of the various health, safety, and environmental risks and impacts associated with tailings storage facilities.

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Water Quality in the Elk Valley

Teck operates five steelmaking coal mines in the Elk Valley of British Columbia which employ over 4,000 people. We raise our families in the valley, fish and swim in the river and care deeply about ensuring the environment is protected. That’s why we’re taking action to ensure that water quality is protected in the valley now and for generations to come.
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Environmental Management

Overall, day-to-day environmental management, including total environmental expenditure, compliance with environmental regulations, compliance with permits, supplier environmental assessments.

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