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Wintering Hills Wind Power Facility

The Wintering Hills Wind Power Facility is Teck's first investment in wind energy, located near Drumheller, Alberta.

About Wintering Hills

Located near Drumheller, Alberta, Wintering Hills Wind Power Facility is an 88-megawatt (MW) wind power facility consisting of 55 General Electric 1.6 MW turbines that deliver power to the electrical grid. In January 2015, Teck increased its ownership in Wintering Hills from 30% to 49%. Our joint venture partner and the project operator is TransAlta.

Wintering Hills began operating in November 2011 and performed better than expected in its first year. In 2012, it produced 88 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity — enough clean power to provide over 57,000 tonnes of CO₂-equivalent credits, which offsets greenhouse gas emissions from our Cardinal River Operations in Alberta. Our share of the power generation from Wintering Hills in 2015 was 136 GWhs, enough power to provide 85,000 tonnes of CO₂-equivalent credits. Gross profit before depreciation and amortization from Wintering Hills was $3 million in 2015.

Our investment in Wintering Hills helps us advance our sustainability goal of developing or sourcing non-carbon emitting electrical. It also provides an opportunity to develop our understanding of wind power generation and evaluate other opportunities to develop wind projects around our operations to further support our sustainability goals.

Our share of power generation in 2016 is expected to be about 135 GWh, although actual generation will depend on weather conditions and other factors. We continue to examine opportunities to enhance our renewable energy portfolio.

View the real-time energy output from Wintering Hills.

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