Our Copper Business

Teck is a significant producer of copper, with four operating mines and large development projects in Canada and South America. Copper plays an important role in meeting the world’s growing demand for infrastructure and products and is a vital component in power generation and transmission, construction, clean technology and electronics.

Copper accounted for 41% of our business in 2014.

Teck 2014 revenue by business unit
Teck 2014 gross profit by business unit

Our Copper Operations

In 2014, we produced 333,000 tonnes of copper at our four copper mines: Quebrada Blanca and Carmen de Andacollo in Chile; Antamina in Peru; and Highland Valley Copper in Canada. We have recently completed a mill optimization program at Highland Valley and we also have projects underway to expand capacity and increase the working lives of several of our other copper mines.

In addition, we are actively exploring and assessing development opportunities for new copper deposits in Canada, Chile, Mexico, the United States, Namibia, Peru, Turkey and Australia.

Teck Copper Operations Map

Our Copper Product

For thousands of years, copper has been an essential part of people’s lives. Today, copper is the material of choice for powering our modern world as a vital component in everything from power generation to hybrid vehicles to computers and smartphones.

About 65% of copper use worldwide is for electrical applications. Copper’s superior conductivity makes it a critical part of the modern electronic devices that connect us. Computers, tablets, televisions and smartphones all depend on copper as a vital component in circuit boards and wiring.

Demand Outlook

Our business is well positioned to benefit from an increase in demand for copper to support the development of emerging markets, notably in China and India.

The increased demand for copper use is also supported by the expansion of green technology; for example, a hybrid vehicle requires 13-23 more kilograms of copper than a non-hybrid vehicle and a wind turbine requires more than three tonnes of copper.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Read more about Teck's approach to sustainability by visiting www.tecksustainability.com or read the stories below.